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Elite Alpacas from our Signature White Champion Pedigrees
and our New Fawn Line.
 Breeding Successfully for Sustained Fine Fleece, Uniformity & Staple Length.


"The Champions Standing on our Herdsire Row"











Xanadu Boreas
ARI #36012916
Color: white
Histogram: 15.0 mic, 3.3 SD, 99.7 CF, 66.4 MC – first shear.
DOB: 10/20/19
Sire: Snowmass Loro Piana
Dam: Xanadu Filigree [Barnabus daughter]
Price: SOLD
Comments: A champion, Snowmass Loro Piana son from one of our top-producing Barnabus daughters, Xanadu Filigree. He says he’s ready to breed now. Ask us for a 2nd shear fleece sample from this remarkable youngster.  Boreas will be joining our Herdsire Row this fall.

ARI Certificate


Xanadu Alchemist

Xanadu Ravello

Maternal Siblings


We had 9 beautiful boys last fall from
Xanadu Alchemist and Snowmass Loro Piana.
Many will be for sale.
Pick yours out early on our 2020 Cria Page.


Autumn Sun Starling Dance
1st shear: 19.1 mic, 3.4 SD, 0.7% +30, 38.3 MC
2 years of age: 24.8 mic, 4.0 SD, 6.8% + 30, 41.3 MC.
Color: bay black
DOB: 6/16/18
Sire: Autumnsun’s Black Maelstrom [TB]
Dam: Sparrow Lark [TB]
Price: $11,500 with cria due in October
Comments: Breeding for the Best in Black? Here’s your opportunity to bring together two top champion black lines from Maestrom and Stradivarius. Starling carries an exceptionally dense fleece with good fleece uniformity. She’ll be available with this cria included until October 1st!
Breeding Status: Bred to AOA Champion, Estates Stadivarius for an October 2021 cria.

ARI Certificate


Spring 2021

Autumnsun's Black Maelstrom

 Estates Stadivarius
Service Sire


Xanadu Cabriole
3rd Shear: 15.7 mic, 3.8 SD, 0.5% + 30, 99.4% CF, MSL 104mm
Color: white
DOB: 9/24/13
Sire: Maple Brook Barnabus
Dam: Xanadu P Donno Bello [Presidio daughter]
Price: $8,000 – bred to Xanadu Alchemist
Comments: From the heart of our foundation herd, here is one of 6 legendary full sisters from our grand dam Presidio daughter, Donno Bella & Barnabus. We’ve had Cabriole and 3 of her full sisters as a cornerstone of our breeding program. We’re letting this sister go
so we can continue to diversify of bloodlines. A rare opportunity!

Breeding Status: Bred to our AOA Color Champion, Xanadu P Alchemist  for a fall 2021 cria.

ARI Certificate

Cabriole and Her Dam

 Xanadu Alchemist
Service Sire

Rocky Mountain Bella
ARI # 32382730
light fawn
3rd shear histogram: 20.1 mic, 3.6 SD, 1.1% + 30, 98.9 CF.
DOB: 8/4/16
Sire: Eon Tobias-Accoyo Legacy grandson
Dam: Rocky Mountain Brioche [m fawn]
Price: $3,500
Bella boasts an Accoyo-rich pedigree with Legacy, Royal Fawn, Felix & Leon featured. She brings a fleece that’s very dense, with a long staple that’s held both fineness & uniformity. This spring she presented us with an excellent, fawn Xanadu Chevalier son.

Breeding Status: In this package she comes with a breeding to our legendary, Maple Brook Barnabus. [Her Barnabus daughter, Xanadu Bellissima is pictured below]


ARI Certificate

See Package #1

Barnabus Daughter, Bellissima

Xanadu Beau
Xanadu Chevalier Son

 Maple Brook Barnabus
Suggested Service Sire



Briar Hill Ayita
ARI #35124276
Dark Brown
DOB: 9/24/16
Sire: Resonant’s Peruvian El Corazon
Dam: Windy’s Hills Alpacas Betania
Price: $3,500
Comments: Her dam’s line is loaded with true blacks and greys and her top side includes MFI Peruvain Jericho. Her 2019 cria from Aristide. Raku, [pictured below] was named Best Bred & Owned at the 2020 A-OK show & has earned an additional 5 blues. He has a beautiful fleece with highly-evolved architecture. AND we think Ayita will throw grey when bred grey. .

Breeding Status: When purchased in this package, she comes with a breeding to our our champion Loro Piana, son, Xanadu Boreas.

ARI Certificate

See Package #1.

Xanadu Raku
Xanadu Aristide Son

 Xanadu Boreas
Suggested Service Sire


Xanadu Sakura
ARI #36072194
DOB: 9/29/2019
Histogram: 15.0 mic, 3.5 SD, .8% + 30, 99.2 CF & 55.8 MC
Sire: Xanadu Alchemist [AOA Champion SM Matrix son]
Dam: Xanadu Sancerre [CC Elite Maximus daughter]
Price: $8,500
Comments: From a line of champions who have predictably produced fine, uniform fleece. 6 inch regrowth fleece length. Her fleece is sparkling bright, too. Sakura’s guaranteed to produce elite crias with any herdsire, but we’re selling her paired her with one of our best.

Breeding Status: Her price includes a breeding to any Xanadu Herdsire. We suggest AOA Champion, Snowmass Lover’s Spartan.


ARI Certificate


Snowmass Lover's Spartan
Suggested Service Sire




Xanadu Kaminari
2nd Shear: 18.2 mic, 3.5 SD, 0.6% + 30, 99.4 CF & MSL 86
Color: white
DOB: 11/15/19
Sire: Snowmass Loro Piana
Dam: Xanadu Cabriole [Barnabus dtr]
Price: $8,000
Comments: 1st Place in her first show & the first Loro Piana daughter we’re offering for sale.

Breeding Status: Loro Piana is a generational sire, combining fleece length, density and exceptional fineness. He’s been sold to Canada, and we have only one more of his crias on the way. We’ll be offering only a handful of his daughters for sale. Kachina carries wonderfully, dense, fine fleece with deep ampliture crimp. Her price includes a breeding when she's ready to our Judge’s Choice winner, Xanadu One Singular Sensation.

ARI Certificate


First Shear Fleece 

Xanadu One Singular Sensation
Suggested Service Sire, Judge’s Choice Winner

Xanadu Mattie Silks
ARI# 36072248
Histogram: 14.3 mic, 3.1SD, 0.3% + 30, 104 MSL, 64.2 MC
Color: white
DOB: 6/20/19
Sire: Maple Brook Barnabus
Dam: Xanadu Emblematic [Aristide daughter,
SM Elite Legend g-dtr]
Price: SOLD
Comments: We rarely sell a Barnabus daughter, especially one with an outcross to Aristide and
SM Elite Legend. She’s everything you’d want in a foundation female. Fine, uniform fleece with a great staple length & very bright.
Breeding Status: Silks is ready to breed now. We’d suggest our Judge’s Choice winners, Xanadu P Alchemist or Xanadu One Singular Sensation.

ARI Certificate

2021 Fleece

Xanadu One Singular Sensation
Suggested Service Sire, Judge’s Choice Winner  



Yearling Fibre, 4-H & Pet Males for Sale from Us

These two boys have wonderfully fine, bright fleece.
Price for the pair : $600

Permission to Show for AOA Certified Performance Shows

BVD Clearance

1st Shear Histogram

Halter Training

Complete Health Records


Iconic is sold as a non-breeding male, but he has a fine, bright fleece and an outstanding pedigree.
His status can be converted to breeding upon payment of an additional $2,000.


Mathias Iconic



See our very economical Female Package with Xanadu breedings.






Great Producing Females with Xanadu Breedings

2019 Cria

2019 Cria

Briar Hill Ayita
  Rocky Mountain Bella

Ayita’s pedigree carries Shaquille’s grey genetics + top Peruvian herdsire, MFI Jericho.
Fleece from her Aristide son, Raku, is pictured. He’s a champion Bred & Owned.
Her price includes a transferable breeding to champion Loro Piana son, Xanadu Boreas.

Breeding included to
Xanadu Boreas
Champion Loro Piana Son

Bella’s pedigree is loaded with the colorful Accoyo genetics of Legacy, Royal Fawn & Felix.
Her 3rd Shear Histogram: 20.1 mic, 3.6 SD, 1.1% + 30 and 98.9 CF
She’s given us a sparkling Barnabus girl & a very good fawn Alchemist son.
Her price includes a breed back to Barnabus.

Bred Back to
10 X Get of Sire Winner
Maple Brook Barnabus

More cria pictures & information on individual listings.
Package Price: $4,000


Buy a female from us you’re entitled to ½ price breedings
for her as long as you own her to any unrestricted Xanadu herdsire.
Purchase a breeding male & nominate one of your own females for the program.



Xanadu Farm Alpacas are sold with our reproductive guarantees for maidens and unproven males.
The price of each bred female includes her unborn cria up until delivery.
We also offer a free companion alpaca with purchase, when available.
In addition, we have photos and fiber data available for most of the parents and the breeding sires of the alpacas we offer for sale.
All our alpacas are registered with The Alpaca Registry and BVD tested.

2 Year Financing Available at 5% interest



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Mailing Address:
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