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This is the Year to Enrich Your Alpaca Pedigrees
and we'd like to be part of your plans.

At Xanadu Farm we offer you one of the most elite, genetically diverse "Herdsire Rows" in the US. 

Elite, champion herdsires, focusing on sustained fine and uniform fleece
and increased staple length.

All pregnancies are confirmed by ultrasound.




Snowmass Dire Straits


ARI # 35553144
Color: White
7/12/18 Histogram at 3 years of age


Sire: Snowmass Oblivion
Dam: Snowmass River of Love


Histogram @ 3 years old:
16.7 mic, 3.5 SD, 0.2% + 30, 99.8 CF, 54.6 MC.


The ideal genetic infusion to our champion white program.
Highly-advanced fleece architecture, fineness & uniformity
Excellent density and movie-star good looks
This outstanding Oblivion son is available this
 fall and thru June, 2022 at Xanadu Farm.
His crias are arriving and they’re outstanding.


Dire Straits is a Restricted Herdsire.


Introductory Fee: $2,500
Only 5 outside breeding each year.
Book Now for 2022
Co-Owned with Snowmass Alpacas


ARI Certificate



Snowmass River of Love
A Pedigree packed with legendary females/marquee males. “Cover Girl”
for Snowmass Journal #5 article “Focus on the Dam”


Xanadu One Singular Sensation


ARI # 35596943
Color: White
DOB:  10/1/18

Sire: Snowmass Defiance
Dam: Xanadu Althea [GWAS Judge’s Choice/full sister to Aristide]

1st Histogram:12.7 mic, 2.8 SD, 0.2% +30 & 62.1 MC
2nd Histogram: 14.1 mic, 3.2 SD, 0.2% + 30%, 99.8 CF & 69.7 MC

Sensation’s a Judge’s Choice Winner - 9x Champion
We made this match to produce our next white herdsire & he doesn’t disappoint. Exquisite uniformity, fineness & sparkling brightness.
Working Now!


Sensation is For Sale!


See our Alpacas for Sale page for females
for sale with a bred  to him.

5 Introductory Breedings:  $2,250


ARI Certificate

Fleece Samples

Show Record




Maple Brook Barnabus

"Mr. Superfine"
Show Record

ARI #840936

Color: White

DOB: 7/5/02


Sire:  MFI Peruvian Wellington
Dam: 2Peruvian Cleopatra

Histogram:  12.8 mic, 2.6 sd, 0.3% + 30 @ 12 months
20.0 mic, 3.9 sd, 19.4 cv & 2.2% + 30 @ 8 years 


With over 175 crias on the ground and 10 Get of Sire wins, he's long established as one of the premier herdsires in the country and the gold standard for producing exceptional fineness, uniformity & evolved fleece architecture in each cria.  We only offer a few outside breedings to him each year, but we usually have top quality offspring and females bred to him for sale.


He carries only rare and unique Accoyo/Alianza Peruvian import bloodlines. Barnabus’ dam is an Accoyo import. His sire, MFI Wellington, is from 2 imports: Accoyo Augusto & an Alianza dam.


Fee: $2,000


Snowmass Loro Piana


ARI # 32606492
Color: White
DOB:  8/13/12

Sire: Snowmass Best Man
Dam: Snowmass Iced Elegance [Snowmass Sub-zero daughter]

Histogram: 1st Shear: 10.8 mic, 2.8 sd, 0.3% + 30 & 67 mc
16 mic, 3.7 sd, 0.8% + 30 & 68 mc at 5 years old

Snowmass’s Description of Loro
“Our longtime goal of producing a high curvature fleece with fineness, brightness and staple length has been realized in this remarkable stud. He is quite literally the embodiment of everything we desire in White Huacaya and is celebrated among our highest achievements in breeding for Ultra Royal Alpaca.”

Loro has been purchased by
Janette Alchambault and Gerald Perron of Ariya Alpaca in Canada.


We have a handsome group of his offspring for sale.

See our Alpacas for Sale page.





Xanadu Alchemist

Show Record


ARI # 35248583
Color: Light Fawn
DOB: 10/4/15

Sire: Snowmass Matrix
Dam: Xanadu Filigree [Champion Barnabus daughter]

3rd Shear Histogram: WOW!
15.5 mic, 2.8 SD, 0.0% +30, 100% CF, 72.9 MC

Light Color Champion 2017 AOA National Show!
Judge’s Choice Winner!
He’s a 9 X Color Champion.

What doesn’t show up on his histogram is the exceptional
brightness and fleece density. Add to this a solid frame and great head. Alchemist’s color genetics are fully diluted black, indicating his offspring should inherit only the dam’s color genetics.


Alchemist is a Restricted Herdsire.


See our Alpacas for Sale page for females
for sale bred to him and his offspring.


Fee: $3,000


Snowmass Lover's Spartan


ARI # 35538219
Color: Light Brwon
DOB:  7/15/18

Sire: Snowmass Lover's Legacy XX
Dam: Snowmass Crystal Cashmina

1st Histogram: 17.6 mic, 3.0 SD, 0.1% + 30 & 51.1 MC
Histogram at 3 years: 17.2 AFD, 3.1 SD, 0.2% + 30, 99.8 CF & 67.1 MC.

Already a 2 x Judge’s Choice Winner!
Color Champion
2020 AOA National Show

He carries a remarkable, sustaining degree of
 uniformity and fineness at 3 years old and breeding.
We’re delighted  to co-own him with
Lynn Edens of Snowmass Alpacas.

His dam line brings a solid color outcross of champions
including Crystal Spartan + grey and true black.

Breedings:  Spartan’s is a Restricted Herdsire.

See our Alpacas for Sale page for females
for sale bred to him.


Fee: $2,500

ARI Certificate






Enriching Pedigrees ~ One Champion at a Time

We may be able to bring your moms home with us from shows we attend.


Breeding Services and Care

We understand that the care your moms and crias receive when they’re away from home is as important to you as the herdsire you select.  We’ve developed our breeding and alpaca care program over 25 years, and we’re constantly working to learn and improve our care. 

For your visiting moms (and crias) we provide:

1.      Supervised pen breeding to assure pregnancy, prevent over breeding and injury & provide reliable breeding records and due dates.

2.      The same loving care we give to our own herd. Moms and crias are checked each day to  assure moms maintain weight and crias grow as they should.  Routine care for moms and crias, such as worming and nail trimming  included in 60 days free board.  Alpaca treats at no charge.

3.      The best alpaca vet in the business.  Our veterinarian, Dr. Tim Thompson, has over 30 years of camelid experience,  with a specialty in alpaca and llama reproduction.  Working with Dr. Thompson enables us to provide a prompt,  professional response to any breeding complications or unexpected health issues.

 4.      Regular e-mail updates.  We’ll even e-mail you photos if you’d like.


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303-902-1741 (C) 

Mailing Address:
1531 Preserve Drive
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