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Celebrating 30 Years of Raising Champion Alpacas

Pictotani named Supreme Light Champion at Nationals!

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"Enriching Pedigrees... One Champion at a Time since 1993". Take a look at what 30 years of a careful breeding program can do for you. You can use our experience to help you get started or to make your alpaca business more profitable and run smoothly.

We maintain a breeding herd of 40 alpacas including 15 elite females, 5 herdsires + crias.  See our Xanadu Moms page for a closer look at these moms, all their crias with us and everybody’s show records.  We gathered and continue to refine this group by handpicking our females from the very best of our own production and other elite US breeders, and then breeding them both to top outside herdsires from across the country and to our own champion males. 

As our customer you'll have a sparkling array of champion Xanadu Herdsires to choose from, and can take advantage of our Pedigree Enrichment Program for 1/2 price breedings for all females you purchase from us to any unrestricted Xanadu herdsire. Take a look our HerdsireRow Stars, Snowmass Lover's Spartan, Xanadu Alchemist, Snowmass Dire Straits, Xanadu One Singular Sensation, and our AOA Supreme Champion, Xanadu Picotani.

Our plan when we started in 1993 was to concentrate always on producing healthy, gentle alpacas with elite fleece and to operate the best-run alpaca farm in the country. We've used that experience to build our female breeding herd and to pursue a thoughtful and aggressive breeding program focusing on the quality of each individual alpaca we're growing. It also means improving offspring through our long-term breeding program, rather than chasing after gimmicks and hype. Take a look at our  
Cria Class of 2022 and Cria Class of 2023 pages to see how we're doing.

We also believe that the "proof is in the show ring" - that show success and competition against the best is a cornerstone of any good breeding program;
2023 Show Results.  Because we're an established program, and have chosen to remain small, except for promoting one or two ladies and an exceptional herdsire from our show group to our Foundation Herd, WE OFFER ALL OF OUR SHOW ALPACAS FOR SALE!  Finally, as our customer you can take advantage of our top after sale support.

Most importantly, we’re dedicated to building the United States fibre industry. All of our fleece clip every year is turned into sumptuous alpaca products, and we work to support our customers in the sale of their fleece and products.

Because we're committed to our current size you always have a beautiful selection of high quality alpacas at reasonable prices for their quality: young herdsires, male and female crias, proven moms and young females ready to breed. We're now pleased to offer you alpacas from our fawn Peruvian line with quality equal to our famous whites.

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"Alpacas for Sale" page for details.

We usually have pairs of 4-H, pet & exquisite fiber males for sale. See the end of our "Alpacas for Sale" page for details or contact us.




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303-902-1741 (C) 

Mailing Address:
1531 Preserve Drive
Frederick, CO 80504


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