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Elite, Full Peruvian Alpacas from our Signature White Champion Pedigrees and our New Fawn Line.
 Breeding Successfully for Sustained Fine Fleece.


"The Champions Standing on our Herdsire Row"







All Alpacas Are Available Individually or Build Your Own Own Package





Xanadu Farm Alpacas are sold with our reproductive guarantees for maidens and unproven males.
The price of each bred female includes her unborn cria up until 45 days prior to her scheduled delivery date.
We also offer a free companion alpaca with purchase, when available.
In addition, we have photos and fiber data available for most of the parents and the breeding sires of the alpacas we offer for sale.
All our alpacas are registered with The Alpaca Registry and BVD tested.





2 Year Financing Available at 5% interest





Xanadu Ravello
Color: White
Histogram: 16 mic, 2.6 SD, 0.2% + 30, 99.8 CF 57.7MC
DOB: 9/23/17
Sire: TGF Royal Tribute [SM Royal Challenger x SM Adora Bella]
Dam: Xanadu Filigree  [CC Barnabus dtr]
Price: $12,500
Comments: Ravello just took Color Champion white male at 2019 GWAS. Exceptional fleece uniformity, fineness & architecture with a gold-plated pedigree. 1st Place Walking Fleece, ’18 A-OK Show, 2nd in a class of 11 @ 2018 GWAS at 6 months old.


2018 Fleece

ARI Certificate

2018 Histogram


Xanadu Alchemist
Maternal Brother


Contact Us for More Information


Snowmass Royal Challenger x
Snowmass Adora Bella

ARI #31646451

A rare chance to aquire these genetics in a proven herdsire.

Xanadu Farm and our partners, Rancho Inca Alpacas
are offering full ownership in this exceptional male.
Tribute consistently topped the most competitive shows in the US
including the AAA Futurity and the AOBA Fleece show.

Tribute son, Xanadu Ravello
Color Champion White Male, 2019 GWAS Show
[Group of 35]



Show Record & Crias


Xanadu Chevalier - We’re keeping a ½ interest & offering a ½ interest for sale.
Color: beige
2nd Shear Histogram: 5 1/3 inch staple !! 17.9 mic, 3.6 SD, 0.6% + 30, 99.4% CF, 48.9 MC. Extraordinarily Bright Fleece.
DOB: 10/1/16
Sire: Xanadu P Aristide
Dam: TWF Carmen (MF)
Price: $7,500 for 1/2  interest with generous possession time.
Comments: 2018 EPD FLEECE LENGTH 5.3. We’ve been breeding for increased fleece length for the past 5 years and Chevalier’s the guy!
Stunning fleece and just exceptional uniformity and brightness. Mom’s a fawn champion, TWF Embosser daughter & of course, Aristide is a 15 X banner winner. 1st & Color Champion, ABR Fall Fest. 1st and Reserve Champion GWAS, MoPaca, A-OK Shows “& RC Walking Fleece ’19 AOA National show.
 2 Introductory Breedings remaining!

ARI Certificate

Xanadu Broadway Bound
ARI #35248316
: dark brown
3rd Shear Histogram: 17.5 micron, 3.5 SD, 0.5% + 30, 99.5 CF & 51 MC.
Sire: FIA Excello's Rocky Bay, ARI#35078074
Dam: Xanadu Trousseau [Presidio daughter]
Price: $5,000  Make us an offer!
: Broadway has also joined our Herdsire Row. Great introductory price for his breedings. 1st Place 2017 AOA fleece show, 1st and Reserve Champion his 1st time in the ring at the ’17, Level III, TxOlan Show & ABR Fall Fest Fleece, 1st Place halter GWAS, A-OK & MoPaca. His chocolate brown fleece is divine - luminous, fine & uniform with no white fibers. He’s from a fading fawn mom and a sire with grey in his pedigree. We think he’ll throw grey. He’s working now!


ARI Certificate


Xanadu Champagne Polarity
ARI #35397274
2nd Shear Histogram: 15.6 mic, 3.5 SD & 0.3% + 30. Top 10% EPD for micron, spin fineness, percentage of medulation & fleece weight.
DOB: 5/23/17
Sire: Accoyo America Polaris
Dam: Xanadu CabrioleBarnabus dtr/Presidio g-daughter
Price: $7,500
Comments: With the passing of the great Polaris his elite sons are much in demand. Polarity carries the dense fleece Polaris is famous for passing to his crias together with fineness, brightness & uniformity from both sire and dam. Polarity consistently placed high in the ring and is ready to work for you. CC halter ‘18 ABR Fall Fest, CC Walking Fleece ’19 GWAS [light group of 17] Reserve Champion Fleece ’18 Midwest fleece show,  1st halter, ’18 A-OK Blastoff.

ARI Certificate


Xanadu Calvados
Color: white
DOB: 6/13/18
Sire: Xanadu P Aristide [now in Australia]
Dam: Xanadu CirceAccoyo America Ulysses dtr/Barnabus g-daughter
Price: Contact Us for Price
Comments: Calvados has superstar written all over him. His fleece breaks into micro staples with simply incredible brightness, front to back fleece uniformity & everything else any breeder has on his or her checklist. He does have a fawn spot in his blanket. We’ll want to reserve a couple of breedings to him. He showed twice taking CC at ’19 MoPaca from Judge Timmerman & 1st in Bred & Owned at ’19 GWAS.

ARI Certificate

Xanadu Davos
Color: medium fawn
DOB: 9/16/18
Sire: Red Granite’s Val D’Sere
Dam: Xanadu CapriceBarnabus dtr/Presidio g-daughter
Price: Contact Us for Price
Comments: Davos promises to be one of the very best  Val D’Sere sons, and that’s saying a lot. Davos’s dam, Caprice, is a multiple champion & one of top producers. Caprice brings her remarkable fleece density & staple length to the match while Davos maintains the lovely architecture & fleece fineness of his sire. 1st Place ’19 MoPaca. 2 breedings reserved.

ARI Certificate

Xanadu Gabrial
Color: White
2019 Histogram:  16.3 mic, 3.7 SD, 1.1% + 30
DOB: 7/5/18
Sire: Xanadu Aristide
Dam: Snowmass Messiah’s Angel
Price: $7,500
Comments: Color Champion walking fleece (group of 35) and 2nd Place (class of 10) 2019 GWAS [first show]. We have only 3 Aristide sons because he gave us mostly females his last year in the US. This youngster is from an excellent Snowmass Messiah daughter.

ARI Certificate

2018 Fleece

Xanadu Bourbon on the Rocks
Color: medium fawn
DOB: 9/26/17
Sire: FIA Excello’s Rocky Bay
Dam: Snowmass Q Sarafina [Snowmass Monarch daughter]
Price: $7,500
Comments: Extraordinarily well-organized fleece architecture. Add to that brightness, uniformity & excellent fineness and you have your next herdsire. 1st Place large class at ’18 GWAS show, 1st & RC Halter A-OK Blastoff &1st & CC halter ’19 MoPaca show, CC halter MoPaca Show & 1st Place 2019 GWAS show.

ARI Certificate

Xanadu Embolden
Color: White
Histogram: 16.2 mic, 3.5 SD, 0.5% + 30, 99.5CF & 50MC
DOB: 10/13/17
Sire: Snowmass Matrix
Dam: Snowmass Alpine Lace   [Judge’s Choice
SM Elite Legend dtr]
Comments: Just look at this pedigree & his fine, uniform fleece. He’s a Matrix son & his dam is a Judge’s Choice Elite Legend daughter.  We’ve brought our other Matrix son, Xanadu Alchemist, onto our Herdsire Row. That allows us to offer Embolden for sale. Don’t miss the opportunity to bring these stellar genetics into your breeding program at a great price.


ARI Certificate

2018 Histogram

Thank you to Just Right Alpacas of OK for
their purchase of this handsome,
young Snowmass Matrix son.

2018 Fleece





Snowmass Alpine Lace
Color: white
DOB: 05/31/11
Sire: Snowmass Elite Legend
Dam: Snowmass Alpine Song
Price: $10,500 - Bred to Snowmass Loro Piana
Comments: Wow, we never thought we’d offer this Judge’s Choice female for sale, but we’re re-aligning our foundation female herd to accommodate our new machos. We’re keeping both of Lace’s Barnabus daughter, Xanadu Irish Lace. Elite EPDs for fineness, mean curvature, uniformity & fleece weight. A proven genetic treasure.

Show Record:
1st Place 2012 AAA Futurity Juvenile White Halter.
1st & Judge’s Choice ‘14 GWAS Fleece Show
1st Place & Reserve Champion ‘13 AOA Fleece Show

Breeding Status: Bred to the incomparable Snowmass Loro Piana. Cria due 10/06/19.

ARI 2018 EPD Histogram

Xanadu Irish Lace
Maple Brook Barnabus daughter
1st Place – 2019 GWAS”

VAC Velvet Espresso
Color: dark brown w/small grey spot
DOB: 6/2/12
Sire: Beethoven’s Dorian
Dam: MFI’s Dancing Girl’s Delight   [MFI Donovan daughter)
Price: $8,500
Comments: This delightful blue ribbon female has had 3 stunning crias for us including a true black girl with Aristide. [See our Mom’s page]. She just delivered a stunning medium fawn Loro Piana daughter who will be joining our Foundation Herd. We bred her back – pretty close to a “sure thing” cria for Espresso’s new owner.

Breeding Status: Bred back to Snowmass Loro Piana for spring 2020 cria.


Xanadu Frankincense
Loro Piana daughter





Xanadu Haven
Color: light fawn
DOB: 7/26/11
Sire: DVR’s Augusto’s Magnum (Accoyo Augusto son)
Dam: DVR Peruvian Lacie
Price: $5,000 until bred.
Comments: Haven’s an Accoyo Augusto granddaughter and a
Presidio great-grand daughter. A blend of 2 very successful lines. We’re keeping her 2018 Aristide daughter, Twice as Haute, in our foundation female herd. She just delivered an excellent Loro Piana daughter.

Breeding Status: She comes with a breeding to any non-restricted herdsire



. Xanadu Twice as Haute

1st Bred & Owned ABR Fall Fest

Aristide daughter

Rocky Mountain Bella
Color: light fawn
DOB: 8/4/16
Sire: Eon Tobias-Accoyo Legacy grandson
Dam: Rocky Mountain Brioche [m fawn]
Price: $4,500 until bred.
SHE’S HAD HER BARNABUS CRIA – A SPARKLING BARNABUS GIRL! Bella boasts an Accoyo-rich pedigree with Legacy, Royal Fawn, Felix & Leon featured. She brings a fleece that’s very dense, with a long staple.

Breeding Status: We'll breed her back to 10 X Get of Sire Winner Maple Brook Barnabus for you and you already know what that pair can do.










Xanadu Avatrix
Color: medium brown
DOB: 4/21/18
Histogram: 16.4 mic, 3.2 SD, 19.7 CV & 0.7% +30
Annual's Bea-2 Bomber (medium silver grey)
Dam: VAC Velvet Espresso (Beethoven Dorian daughter)
Price: $4,500
Comments: Strong grey and black genetics. She is greying up in her second fleece.  Ava’s fleece is fine & uniform with an evolved architecture. Dad is a multiple CC Neversummers 38 Special son & mom’s a blue ribbon Beethoven’s Dorian daughter with a grey spot on her side. Bred to
Xanadu P Aristide, Espresso threw our true black girl, Xanadu Night Moves. Add Avatrix to your grey program.
Breeding Status: Ava comes with a breeding to multiple champion Aristide son, Xanadu Chevalier.



2019 Histogram


Avatrix's Fleece

Suggested Service Sire: Xanadu Chevalier








Price for Pair:  $800
We’re pleased to offer for sale these two very handsome fawn boys.
Both have excellent fleece that’s fine, uniform in micron & very bright.
The pair would be a treasure for a hand spinner or fiber artist.
Both boys are friendly and willing to learn
and would also be a good fit for 4-H or to enjoy as pets.
We’re selling Freddie for a customer.
These two are pasture mates and get along well together



All Xanadu Alpacas  have wonderfully fine, bright fleece, of course
Each also comes with:
ARI Registration
BVD Clearance
1st Shear Histogram
Full West Nile Vaccination
Halter Training
Halter and Lead
Complete Health Record



Buy a female from us you’re entitled to ½ price breedings
for her as long as you own her to any unrestricted Xanadu herdsire.
Purchase a breeding male & nominate one of your own females for the program.




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Mailing Address:
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