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This is the most important page of our website.

You can see the depth and success of our 23+ year breeding program right here.

Our full Peruvian moms are the secret to our success.

Photos and show records of all 18 moms and all of their crias are here.


14 Moms from Xanadu Breeding Program

16 Moms are Blue Ribbon Winners

13 Moms are Color Champions

5 Moms are Judge’s Choice Winners.

7 Mom and Daughter pairs

We've honored the 15 mom's who have given us 4 or more offspring as our "Xanadu Heirloom Moms" .

Daughters of these legendary Peruvian herdsires make up our foundation herd:

Snowmass Paso Robles
Peruvian Presidio

PC Running Late

Snowmass Monarch
Beethoven's Dorian

Maple Brook Barnabus

Snowmass Velvet Touche

Ulysses' Nitro of Amber Autumn
TGF Royal Tribute

Eastwinds Snowstorm

Snowmass Elite Legend
Snowmass Matrix
Xanadu Aristide

TWF Embosser

Take a look at our Annual Investment Package sale on the Alpacas for Sale Page.

Most of our sale alpacas come from these Moms and many of their offspring are for sale.



Kazimira of Amber Autumn

Color: White
Sire: Ulysses' Nitro of Amber Autumn
Dam:  Amber Autumn's Kaytee
          (Eclipse Alyst daughter)
Comments: Color Champion and Judge's Choice at 2013 Alpacalooza, RC'13 SW Regional Show and CC ’13 High Plains Show and 1st 2015 AOA Fleece Show. We selected this stunning daughter of Ulysses' Nitro and Granddaughter of Alyst Eclipse to join our fawn program.
1st Cria - Xanadu P Matrix Cameo Rose [Snowmass Matrix girl] [Foundation Herd]
2nd Cria - Xanadu Sancerre  [Elite Maximus girl]  1st Walking Fleece (class of 12) ’17 GWAS.
Breeding: Bred to TGF Royal Tribute
for a fall 2017 cria.

Xanadu P. Trousseau
olor: Med. Fawn
Sire: Peruvian Presidio
Dam: Maple Brook Penelope [Bueno Daughter]
Comments: She's been a mainstay of our breeding program.  Reserve Fawn Color Champion 2005 Mid-America Show.  2006 Color Champion Alpacas in the Ozarks.  Reserve Color Champion 2006 GWAS.
1st Cria -
 Xanadu P. Vaccoyo's Reprise  [Victor's Vaccoyo son]  1st Place ’08 MoPaca Show & GWAS, 2nd Place '08 National Composite
2nd Cria Xanadu P. Mistral [Barnabus son]  1st place & Color Champion ’10 GWAS Show, 1st Place & Reserve Champion '09 ABR Fall Fest & R. Champ ’10 MoPaca Show, 1st Place '09 MoPaca Show, 1st Place ’10 AAA Futurity
3rd Cria - Xanadu P. Millefiori “Flora” [Barnabus daughter] [Foundation Herd] 2nd Place to her sister Cadeau ’10 High Plains Show & A-OK Blastoff.  2nd at the ’11 MN Expo. - See our Alpacas for Sale Page.
4th Cria –  Xanadu P Mahzarin (“Zari”) [Barnabus daughter]   2nd place (to sister Caprice) ’11 MoPaca Show. 
5th Cria -
Xanadu P. Marabou [Barnabus daughter]  1st & RC '12 Illinois Show & ABR Fall Fest. 1st place at A-OK Blastoff & Minnesota Expo. 
6th Cria - Xanadu P Maelstrom [Snowstorm boy]
7th Cria - Xanadu P Marina [Barnabus  daughter] 
8th Cria - Xanadu P Mariel [FIA Rocky Bay girl].  1st Place '15 GWAS, CC fleece/RC Halter ’15 ABR Fall Festival, 1st & RC ’15 A-OK Show, and CC '16 National Western Stock Show. 
9th Cria
- Xanadu P Broadway Bound [FIA Rocky Bay boy].  Reserve Champion 2017 TxOlan Show, 1st Place ’17 MoPaca & GWAS, 1st Place ’17 AOA Fleece Show.  See our Alpacas for Sale Page.
Breeding Status: Bred to Xanadu P Aristide or a summer 2018 cria.

Xanadu P. Au Courant
Maple Brook Barnabus
Xanadu P. Donno Bello
She's the first of 8 full siblings. We like her a lot.  1st Place Produce of Dam ’10 GWAS show, Color Champion ‘07 GWAS, '06 Mid-America Jamboree and '07 TxOlan Show.  1st place '07 AOBA fleece show.  Daughter of our 6X Color Champion
Presidio daughter!
1st Cria – Xanadu P. Audacious [Hemingway Accoyo Nautilus son] 1st place ’10 GWAS Show (Level V), 1st Place ’10 A-OK Blast Off (Level IV)
2nd Cria Xanadu P. Allure  [Foundation Herd] [PC Running Late girl.] 1st Place ’11 GWAS & 2nd Place AOBA Show. 1st Place '11 Mid-America Show and ABR Fall Fest.
3rd Cria -  Xanadu P Adorno [
Snowstorm son]  1st place AOBA and '13 ABR Fall Fest and 2nd Place GWAS.
4th Cria -  Xanadu P Aristide, [
Snowstorm son]  [Xanadu Herdsire Row] Judge's Choice, 10X Color Champ, 6 X Reserve & 20 blues - See our Alpacas for Sale Page.
5th Cria -  Xanadu P Althea [White Eastwind's Snowstorm girl] [Foundation Herd] CC and Judge’s Choice ’16 GWAS and 1st & CC '16 AOA Halter AND Fleece Show & 1st Place and Color Champion - 2016 TxOlan Show.
6th Cria - Xanadu Allouette [
CCNF Legionnaire girl]
Breeding Status:  Breeding to RGR Val D’Sere for a fall  2018 cria.


Snowmass Alpine Lace

Color: White
Sire: Snowmass Elite Legend
Dam: Snowmass Alpine Song
Comments: We purchased this exceptional young female at the Futurity sale. After the sale she took 1st Place in the '12 AAA Futurity.  Judge's Choice Fleece, '13 GWAS and Reserve Champion Fleece '13 AOBA Nationals.
1st Cria –  Xanadu Barnabus' Epic Legend [Barnabus son]
2nd Cria  – Xanadu P Emblematic
[Aristide girl]  See our Alpacas for Sale Page.
3rd Cria - Xanadu Nordic Saga
 [Aristide son]  1st Place ‘17 GWAS.
4th Cria - Xanadu Embolden [Snowmass Matrix son]
Breeding Status: Bred to Snowmass Matrix for a fall 2017 cria.


Xanadu P Cabriole

Color: White
Sire: Maple Brook Barnabus
Dam: Xanadu P Donno Bello [Presidio daughter]
Comments: FULL SISTER #4 JOINS OUR FOUNDATION HERD.   Talk about breeding true. Belle's given us 6 full sisters, all remarkably alike & beautiful & 5 of 6 are multiple CCs.
1st Cria - Xanadu Champagne Polarity [AA Polaris boy]
Breeding Status: Breeding to 6 X CC, Xanadu P Alchemist, for a fall  2018 cria.

Xanadu P Cachet

Color: White
Sire: Maple Brook Barnabus
Dam: Xanadu P Donno Bello [Presidio daughter]
Comments: 1st Place ’09 AAA, Futurity, Color Champion ABR Fall Fest. & '09 Mid-America Show, 1st Place 2010 AOBA Fleece Show & CC & Spirit of the Industry award '13 GWAS fleece show.  Cachet joins her dam, Donno Bello and full sisters Au Courant, Cabriole  and Caprice in our foundation lineup.
1st Cria - Xanadu P Bordelaise [Supernova girl] 1st Place and RC (1st Show) '12 SWRAS. 
2nd Cria - Xanadu P Cache La Poudre [TGF Royal Tribute son]
3rd Cria - Xanadu P Calidad [TGF Royal Tribute son] 1st B&O American Showcase '15 & 2nd Place '15 A-OK Blastoff.
We've added Calidad to our Alpacas for Sale Page.
4th Cria Xanadu P Bespoken [Poseidon’s Motivator boy]  
5th Cria -  Xanadu Shasta Daisy [Matrix Belvedere girl]
Breeding Status: Bred to FIA Excello's Rocky Bay for a spring 2018 cria.

Xanadu P Caprice

Color: White

Sire: Maple Brook Barnabus

Dam: Xanadu P Donno Bello [Foundation Herd]

Comments: She is an automatic addition to our foundation herd as she's joined full sisters Au Courant, Cabriole and Cachet, and mom Donno Bello.  Blue Ribbon in class of 12 at ’11 MoPaca Show, and '11 GWAS.  '11 CC MN Expo, '11 High Plains Show and '12 SWRAS.

1st Cria –  Xanadu P Sojourner [Eastwinds's Snowstorm girl]  1st Place 2017 National Western Stock Show.

2nd Cria - Xanadu Keziah [FIA Rocky Bay girl]

Breeding Status:  TBD


Xanadu P Allure

Color: White
PC Running Late
Dam: Xanadu P Au Courant [Barnabus girl]
         [Foundation Herd]
Comments: 1st Place ’11 GWAS Show, Mid-America Show and ABR Fall Fest. 
1st Cria – Xanadu P Etude [TGF Royal Tribute girl]  CC & Judge's Choice '15 MoPaca AND  '15 GWAS, CC Bred & Owned '15 AOA Nationals, RC '14 ABR Fall Fest & 1st 2015 AOA Fleece Show.
2nd Cria -
 Xanadu P Smitten [TGF Royal Tribute girl]. 1st place '15 GWAS, 1st Place ’15 A-OK Show & 1st '16 TxOlan Show.
3rd Cria
- Xanadu Barnabus’ Matchless
[Barnabus son]
Breeding Status:
  Breeding now
to AOA Champion, Xanadu P Alchemist.


Xanadu P Althea

Color: white
Sire: Eastwinds's Snowstorm
Dam: Xanadu P Au Courant [Barnabus girl]
Comments: Full sister to Adorno and Aristide and another WOW. 1st & Color Champion AOA ’16 Halter AND Fleece show, 1st , CC & Judges’ Choice ’16 GWAS, 1st & CC ’16 TxOlan.
Breeding Status: Althea will be bred to 2017 AOA Get of Sire Champion, Snowmass Defiance this fall.

Xanadu P Millefiore ("Flora")

Color: White
Sire: Maple Brook Barnabus
Dam: Xanadu P Trousseau (Presidio girl)
Comments: Flora joins mom, Trousseau and granddam, Penelope in our foundation herd.
1st Cria - Xanadu P Cedaredge "Teak" [Peruvian Lancaster boy]
2nd Cria - Xanadu P Gold Florin [TGF Royal Tribute son] 
3rd Cria - Xanadu Farbella [TGF Royal Tribute girl] Farbella will be offered for sale at the American Alpaca Showcase Sweepstakes sale on 11/1/2015. SOLD
Breeding Status:  Bred to
Xanadu P Aristide for a spring 2018 cria.



Xanadu P Circe

Color: White
Sire: Accoyo America Ulysses
Dam: Xanadu P Enchante [Barnabus/Snowmass Sonata]
Comments: 8 month histogram of  12.9, 2.4 SD, 18.5 CV & 0.2% + 30.  That’s nearly a match for Barnabus at 12 months.  1st & CC '11 High Plains, 1st & RC '12 Illinois Show & 1st '12 ABR Fall Fest 1st and CC Bred & Owned '13 GWAS show.  Add simply incredible density and brightness and you have one of the best we’ve ever produced. 
1st Cria - Xanadu P Rimbaud [Snowstorm son]  1st Place Bred & Owned '15 AOA National Show & MoPaca & 2015 GWAS Show, 1st Place White Yearling ’15 A-OK Show. 
2nd Cria - Xanadu P Un Peu de Soleil [TGF Royal Tribute girl]
3rd Cria Xanadu Anthem [Springtoo Skyfall boy]
Breeding Status: Bred to Xanadu P Aristide for a spring 2018 cria.


H2H Angel’s Mercy

Color: dark fawn
Sire: Velvet Touche
Dam: Snowmass Ambrosian Angel XX [Best Man daughter]
Comments: This Judges’ Choice and multiple champion female is another sparkling addition to our fawn line.
1st Cria -  Xanadu Chasseur [Barnabus son]

Breeding Status: Bred to Xanadu P Aristide for a spring 2018 cria


Xanadu P Filigree

Color: beige
Sire: Maple Brook Barnabus
Dam: Hummingherd's Delicious
Comments: 1st Place and Color Champion in both Fleece and Halter at the '13 ABR Fall Fest, 1st Place 2014 AAA Futurity” and CC '14 GWAS Show,  ’13 A-OK Blastoff and Hi Plains Show.
1st CriaXanadu P Alchemist [Snowmass Matrix son] [Xanadu Herdsire Row]  Color Champion ’17 AOA show. Color Champion & Grand Champion male ’17 National Western Stock Show. Color Champion ’16 Fall Fest, 17 TxOlan Show, MoPaca, and ’16 A-OK Blastoff.
2nd Cria - Xanadu Nobel Bard [TGF Royal Tribute son]
3rd Cria - Xanadu Ravello [TGF Royal Tribute son]
Breeding Status: Breeding now to Snowmass Matrix.

VAC's Velvet Espresso

Color: Medium Brown
Sire: Beethoven's Dorian [13 X Champion & 3 X Judge's Choice Winner]
Dam: MFI's Dancing Girl's Delight [MFI Peruvian Donovan Daughter]
Comments: We were delighted by the opportunity to add this blue ribbon Beethoven's Dorian girl to our Foundation Moms.
1st Cria -  Xanadu P Champagne Protocol [Crystal's KO son]1st Place '16 AOA National Show & 1st Place - 2016 TxOlan Show, 1st Place ’16 MoPaca & GWAS and Best Hand, ’16 AOA Fleece Show “& CC ’17 National Western Stock Show -Fleece.
2nd Cria -  Xanadu Night Moves [Xanadu P Aristide girl]
Breeding Status: Bred to multiple grey champion Annuals Bea-2 Bomber for a spring 2018 cria.

Xanadu P Haven

Color: Light Fawn
Sire: DVR Augustos' Magnum [Accoyo Augusto son]
Dam: DVR Peruvian Lacie [
Presidio granddaughter]
Comments: Haven earned her way into our foundation herd with her 1st two crias. They're extraordinary & confirm her place with our best.
1st Cria - Xanadu P Descant [Rocky Bay son] 1st and RC '15 GWAS, [@ 6 months in group of 40] 1st & Color Champion ABR Fall Fest & A-OK Blastoff Show.
2nd Cria - Xanadu P Imprimatur [
PC Running Late daughter]
3rd Cria - Xanadue Aristide's Twice As Haute [Aristide daughter]
Breeding Status: Breeding to Aristide or Alchemist
for a fall.

We've added Haven to our
 Alpacas for Sale Page.

Snowmass Q Sarafina
Color: White
Sire: Snowmass Monarch
Dam: Snowmass Snowmaster's Siloutte
Comments: We purchased this ultrafine girl as the best alpaca in the Snowmass Auction '07. 
1st Cria - Snowmass P True North One  [Snowmass Artic Wind son]  1st Place '09 MoPaca Show. 
2nd Cria - Xanadu P. Emeliana [Presidio girl] 
3rd Cria - Xanadu P Counterpoint [Barnabus son] 1st place & RC '11 Hi Plains Show and1st Place '11 ABR Fall Fest. 
4th Cria - Xanadu P. High Cotton_ [Barnabus son]. First Place '12 GWAS.  Exported as a herdsire to Canada and Color
Champion Northlands Show @ 3 1/2.
5th Cria - Xanadu P Intrigue [TGF Royal Tribute son], First Place ABR Fall Fest & Reserve Champion 2015 TxOlan Show. 
6th Cria - Xanadu P Winged Spirit, [Rocky Bay girl] 1st Place - 2016 TxOlan Show and ’16 GWAS and 1st & RC ’16 A-OK Blastoff.” Exported to Australia
7th Cria - Xanadu P Souriant [
Xanadu P Aristide girl] [Foundation Herd] CC AOA Walking Fleece, CC MoPaca Show, 1st Place ’17 GWAS. 
8th Cria - Xanadu Bourbon On the Rocks
[Rocky Bay son]
Breeding Status: Breeding now
to 6 X Champion, Xanadu P Alchemist.

TWF Peruvian Carmen

Color: Medium Fawn
Sire: TWF Peruvian Embosser
Dam: TWF Peruvian Cella
Comments: We purchased her from her stall at a show because of the fineness, architecture and amazing density of her fleece.  She was Reserve Champion at TxOlan in 2015.
1st Cria Xanadu Chevalier  [Xanadu P Aristide son] 2nd Place ’17 GWAS Show.
Breeding Status: Bred to
PC Running Late for a fall 2017 cria.

Xanadu Matrix Cameo Rose

Color: Medium Fawn
Sire: Snowmass Matrix
Dam: Amber Autumn Kasimira
[Foundation Herd]
Comments: This little girl had a bit of a rough start with a 1st time mom & we kept her home to make sure she  grew up strong. Simply sensational in every way.
Breeding Status: Breeding now to
Maple Brook Barnabus.


Xanadu Souriant

Color: white
Xanadu P Aristide
Dam: Snowmass Quechua’s Sarafina
Comments: Our 1st Aristide cria in the ring @ 6 months old won the walking fleece Color Champion & 2nd in a large white juvie class at the 2017 AOA National Show . 1st ’17 GWAS & 1st & CC ’17 MoPaca.
Breeding Status: She’ll likely go to Alchemist when she grows up.

Xanadu Emblematic

Color: white
Xanadu P Aristide
Dam: Snowmass Alpine Lace
         [SM Elite Legend Dtr]
Comments: She carried an exceptionally dense fleece with good fineness & uniformity and dad’s head. 2nd year histogram: 16.2 mic, 3.1 SD, 19.3 CV, 0.4% + 30, 63.5 MC, & 99.6 CF. She’ll be offered at the Snow Diamond Select Auction in October.
Breeding Status: Breeding to 6 X Champion Xanadu Alchemist this fall.


RC Paso’s Belle

Color: medium fawn
Sire: Snowmass Paso Robles
Dam: Belle’s Bellissima
[Crystal Spartan daughter]
Comments: Blue at ’16 Nationals, & Buckeye Show & RC American Alpaca Showcase. We purchased this young female at the Futurity because of her lovely dense fleece that carries an  exceptional staple length. We like her pedigree a lot as well.
Breeding Status: Bred to
Xanadu P Aristide for a spring 2018 cria.



A few of these moms have been sold but their genetics continue to have an important role in our breeding program.
Of the others, all of these matriarchs easily got pregnant and had big healthy crias in their last pregnancies. 
They were all still huge milking mommas, however, and because of their age
we had to struggle hard to keep weight on them as they nursed their babies. 
No doubt they would have successfully bred again, but for us this is a signal that they’ve earned their retirement with us.
We honor those who have passed away.

Xanadu P Etude

Color: White
Sire: TGF Royal Tribute
Dam: Xanadu P Allure [
PC Running Late dtr] [Foundation Herd]
Comments: Joins mom, Allure, Granddam, Au Courant, and great granddam, Donno Bello in our breeding program.  She's our first TGF Royal Tribute daughter. CC & Judge's Choice '15 MoPaca Show AND '15 GWAS Show, CC Bred & Owned AOA National Show, 1st and RC '14 ABR Fall Fest & 1st Place AOA National Fleece Show.

  Etude is SOLD!

Hummingherd’s Delicious
Color: White
Sire: Aspen Ridge Augusto Cochiti [Augusto son]
Dam: [Peruvian] Deli’s Delicacy [Haldane Dtr]
Comments: 1st Place & CC NW Alpaca Showcase, 2nd Place Produce of Dam, '13 GWAS show.
1st Cria - Xanadu P. Lyric [Resolute boy]
2nd Cria - Xanadu P. Finesse [Barnabus girl]  1st Place '12 ABR Fall Fest & Illinois Show. 
3rd Cria - Xanadu P Filigree [Barnabus Girl] [Foundation Herd] 1st Place and Color Champion in both Fleece and Halter at the '13 ABR Fall Fest and CC '14 GWAS Show, ’13 A-OK Blastoff and Hi Plains Show.
4th Cria
 - Xanadu P Federico [Avalon's Peruvian Ascendant boy] 

5th Cria -
Xanadu Felice [Barnabus Girl] [Foundation Herd] Champion Bred & Owned '15 Fall Fest & Color Champion '15 A-OK Blastoff, & CC & Grand Champion
Female '16 National Western Stock Show.
Breeding Status: 
Bred to Barnabus this fall for full sister #4.

 Delicious is SOLD!


ACR Legger’s Roo Girl

Color: Dark Silver Grey

Sire: Pewter, Jr.

Dam: Aussie Allegra
Comments:  Roo had 6 crias before we purchased her.

1st cria - Xanadu Rainy Day Woman [Presidio daughter].

2nd cria - Xanadu Tangled Up In Blue - Silver 'Round Midnight girl [Foundation Herd] 1st Place Fleece '08 Nationals.
3rd cria - Xanadu Double Black Diamond [Black 'Round Midnight son]   2nd Place Black Fleece '07 GWAS.  Reserve Champion '07 NM State Fair Show. 
4th Cria: Xanadu Redstone [Roso son]  Color Champion '08 Arkansas Alpaca Adventure, ABR Fall Fest, and Mid-America Show.  1st place ’08 Minnesota Expo. 
5th Cria:  Xanadu Chagall [MSG] [Hemmicoyo Cassanova son] 3rd Place '09 Mid-America Show. 
Breeding Status:  Passed Away


Northwest Joy

Color: White
Sire: P Hemingway
Dam: P Accoyo Julia
Comments:  Full sister to Peruvian El Bello!  Joy had 4 crias before we purchased her.
1st cria - Spring Moon
 1st Place Fleece 2003 GWAS
2nd cria Xanadu P. Tiwanaku
[Presidio son]  1st Place 2005 MAPACA Show. 2nd Place Great Western Alpaca Show. 
3rd cria: Xanadu P. Intrepid [Presidio son]  1st Place '08 National Show Yearling Composite.  2nd place ’08 SWR Show, MoPaca & Minnesota Expo.  2nd Place fleece ’11 GWAS Show. 
4th Cria – Xanadu P. Innuendo [Barnabus boy]  Color Champion & 1st Place '09 Place Mid-America Show, 2nd Place '09 Minnesota Expo. 
Breeding Status: Passed Away


Daisy May Legacy Brew

Color: Maroon/Black/White
Sire: Grey Cloud [MSG]
Dam: Chinook Brew [MRG]
1st cria - Xanadu Émigré - first place Estes Park 1998.  Dam to 10-time rose grey, color champion, Rose to the Occasion.
2nd cria - Xanadu Rococo-
2nd place All American Futurity & AOBA show 2000
3rd cria - Xanadu 'Round Midnight 3 X Color Champion.
4th cria - Xanadu Silver S'il Vous Plait, 1st Place Yearling Rose Grey Males 2004 AOBA National Show,  1st Place North American Show 2004
5th Cria: Xanadu Krimsa [Avatar girl]  2006 1st Place Alpacas in the Ozarks.  2nd Place 2006 GWAS Show.
6th cria - Xanadu Dark Porter [Presidio son]  Color Champion Fleece '07 Nat'l Show, 1st Place ’07 GWAS, ’07 SW Regional Show & ’06 ABR Fleece Show.  
7th cria:  Xanadu Chiaroscuro [Roso Girl]  Color Champion Fleece '08 GWAS Show.  Color Champion '08 ABR Fall Fest.  2nd Place ’08 Minnesota Expo and '08 Mid-America Show.  
8th Cria – Xanadu Cinder Rose [Roso girl] 2nd Place '09 Place Mid-America Show.
Breeding Status: Passed Away

Xanadu P. La Boheme
(Accoyo Legacy daughter)
Color: Light Fawn
Sire: P. Accoyo Legacy
Dam: P. Snowmass Song (Accoyo Victor Daughter)
Comments: 1st Place Fawn Fleece 2004 AOBA National Show.  Reserve Color Champion (Fawn). All American Futurity & AOBA show 2001 and Color Champion 2002 Utah Wild West Show.
1st cria - Xanadu P. Medici
 [Presidio son]
2nd cria -
Xanadu P. Caruso [Presidio son] Fawn Reserve Color Champion 2005 Great Western Alpaca Show
3rd cria -
Xanadu P. Aria [Presidio girl] [Foundation Herd] Reserve Champion ’07 GWAS.  Reserve Color Champion, ’07 Mid-America & ABR Fall Fest.
4th cria -  Xanadu Exemplar [Firecracker boy]  1st Place Arkansas Alpaca Adventure. 
5th cria –
Xanadu P. Memoire [Barnabus girl]  1st Place & Color Champion '09 ABR Fall Fest (Level IV), 2nd Place '09 Minnesota Expo
6th cria -
Xanadu P Much Ado  [Barnabus girl] 1st Place 2011 AOBA show. R Champ ’10 Hi Plains Show, Reserve Champion ’10 ABR Fall Fest.
7th cria -
Xanadu P. Manifest [Barnabus boy] 
Breeding Status:  Passed Away


Maple Brook Penelope
Sire: P. Bueno
Dam: Peruvian Amelia [Accoymacha herd]
 1st Place & Produce of Dam 2003 Utah Show and '08 Arkansas Alpaca Adventure, 3rd Place White Fleece 2000 AOBA show. (Presidio was 1st)
1st cria - Xanadu P. Gilt Edge
2nd cria - Xanadu P. Travesura, [Presidio girl] 2003 All American Futurity Res. Color Champ
3rd cria
- Xanadu P. LaTraviata, [Presidio girl] Color Champion 2004 Monterey Pronk
4th cria - Xanadu P. Trousseau, [Presidio girl]   [Foundation Herd]
5th cria - Xanadu P. Trovatore [Presidio son]  2nd Place GWAS @ 6 months.  Color Champion 2006 Midwest Jamboree. 1st Place '07 Southwest Regional Show. 
6th cria - Xanadu P. Triomphe [Presidio boy]  R. Champ ’07 NM State Fair. 
7th cria - Xanadu P. Trinket [Barnabus girl] 1st Place '08 Arkansas Alpaca Adventure, 2nd Place Minnesota Expo. 
8th cria -  Xanadu P. Phillipe [Barnabus boy]
9th cria -  Xanadu P Tresor [Xanadu P Intrepid son]  
Breeding Status:  Retired

Snowmass Escobar Sonata

Sire: Snowmass P. Escobar (Hemingway son)
Dam: P. Andean Song
Comments: Blue ribbon 2003 AOBA Midwinter Fleece Spinoff.  1st-  Produce of Dam- ’08 Minnesota Expo
1st cria - Xanadu P. Donno Bello, [Presidio girl] 6X Color Champion [Foundation Herd]. 
2nd cria - Xanadu P. Imperiale, [Presidio boy]  Reserve Color Champion 2005 TxOlan Show, 1st Place Composite 2005 Nationals, White Color Champion Fleece – 2005 Estes Park Show.
3rd cria - Xanadu P. Diamond Dust [Presidio daughter]  2006 Color Champion Alpacas in the Ozarks.  Reserve Champion 2006 TxOlan Show. 
4th cria  -Xanadu P. Coleridge [Presidio son]  Color Champion fleece '08 MAPACA & Reserve Champion Fleece Fiber 2 Fashion.  Reserve Champ '07 Southwest Regional Show.
5th cria - Xanadu P. Renown [Presidio son]
6th cria -  Xanadu P. Enchante [Barnabus girl] 1st Place '08 Nationals.  Color Champion '08 ABR Fall Fest.  '09 1st Place Mid-America Show.  2nd Place ’08 Minnesota Expo & '08 GWAS. 
7th Cria – Xanadu P. Encanto [Barnabus boy]  Color Champ ’10 MoPaca, R. Champ ’10 TxOlan Show , 1st place ’09 and ’10. GWAS, A-OK Blastoff and MoPaca Show.
8th Cria –Xanadu P. Esprit [Barnabus girl]
. 1st place ’10 Mid-America Show, Reserve Champion ’10 ABR Fall Fest, CC at ’10 High Plains Show
9th Cria Xanadu P Élan  [Snowstorm daughter]  [Foundation Herd]
10th Cria - Xanadu P. Esteem [Barnabus boy]  1st '12 ABR Fall Fest. Exported to Canada as a herdsire.
Breeding Status:  Passed Away
Linden Hills Melody

Color: white
Maple Brook Barnabus
Dam: Trueheart’s Adagia [
Snowstorm dtr]
Comments: We grow these ourselves but were so impressed we purchased this lovely girl from Linden Hills Alpacas. 1st Place ’13 ABR Fall Fest.
1st Cria - Xanadu P Rock A Bye[Rocky Bay girl] SOLD
Breeding Status: SOLD

Snowmass Messiah's Angel
olor: White
Sire: Snowmass Messiah
Dam: Snowmass Highland Angel
We purchased this stunning Messiah girl from Trueheart Alpacas to bring these great genetics into our foundation herd.  First place Produce of Dam '11 Mid-America show.
1st Cria – Snowmass P. Acheron [Snowmass Royal Bronze son] First Place and R. Champ ’10 A-OK Blast-Off, 4th Place '09 ABR Fall Fest [class of 15]
2nd Cria - Xanadu P. Oberon [Resolute boy] R Champ at ’10 High Plains Show, and ’11 National Western Stock Show and 1st Place '12 MoPaca Show.
3rd Cria - Xanadu P. Sublime [Barnabus girl] 
4th Cria - Xanadu P. Recherché [Barnabus girl] 
5th Cria - Xanadu P. Ulysses' Angel Baby [Accoyo America Ulysses girl]  - See our Alpacas for Sale Page.
6th Cria -  Xanadu P Rock On [FIA Rocky Bay son]  1st Place ’16 MoPaca & GWAS, 2nd Place, class of 12 - 2016 TxOlan Show.  See our Alpacas for Sale Page.
7th Cria - Xanadu P Dakotah [FIA Rocky Bay son]
Breeding Status: SOLD

Accoyo America Sheba
Color: white
Sire: Accoyo America Ulysses
Dam: Accoyo American Sequel (Full sister to Accoyo America Nautilus!)
Comments: We purchased this stunning ½ Accoyo/Hemingway granddaughter from Accoyo American to match her to our great males  AND SHE'S HAD ALL GIRLS! Ulysses was white color champ fleece at the 07 AOBA show + many other color championships.
1st Cria - Xanadu P Beguiled [Barnabus daughter] 1st Place and Reserve Champion '12 MoPaca.
2nd Cria -  Xanadu P Bacara [Presidio daughter]
3rd Cria - Xanadu P Beaux Rivage [TGF Royal Tribute girl]  1st and Reserve Champion '16 National Western, 1st place ’16 MoPaca - See our Alpacas for Sale Page.
4th Cria - Xanadu P Beatrix [Barnabus girl] Reserve Champion ABR Fall Fest  & '16 TxOlan Show. – SOLD
5th Cria - Xanadu P Beauchamp [Barnabus boy]
Breeding Status: Retired

Xanadu P Bordelaise

Color: Light Fawn
Sire:  Supernova
Dam: Xanadu P Cachet [Barnabus girl]
Comments: Her first time in the ring as a juvi she took Reserve Champ at the Level III SW Regional Show and 2nd Place Fleece '12 GWAS show.
1st Cria - Xanadu P Sazerac [Tribute daughter]. Color Champion '15 A-OK Blastoff and ’16 GWAS, 1st ABR Fall Fest - See our Alpacas for Sale Page.
2nd Cria - Xanadu P Rumor Has It  [Rocky Bay daughter]

3rd Cria – Xanadu Béchamel [FIA Rocky Bay son]
Breeding Status:  Retired


Xanadu P. Donno Bello

Color: White
Sire: Peruvian Presidio
Dam: Snowmass Escobar's Sonata
(Hemingway granddaughter)
Comments: White Color Champion Fleece 2004 AOBA National Show.  Color Champion 2004 Sun City Sizzle, MOPACA Show, Southwest Regional Show and 2005 ABR Fall Fest Fleece Show
1st cria - Xanadu P. Au Courant [Maple Brook Barnabus girl] [Foundation Herd]  Color Champion ’07 GWAS Show, ’06 Mid-America and '07 TxOlan Show
2nd cria - Xanadu P. Concerto [Maple Brook Barnabus son]  1st Place '07 Great Western Show. 
3rd cria -  Xanadu P.
Cadenza [Barnabus girl]  1st Place ’08 AAA Futurity, 1st Place Reserve Champion '08 GWAS.  Color Champion '08 Mid-America Show and ABR Fall Fest.  Color Champion Fleece ’10 AOBA.  Color Champion Fleece ’10 and ’11 AOBA show.
4th Cria – Xanadu P. Cachet
[Barnabus girl]  [Foundation Herd] 1st Place ’09 AAA Futurity, Color Champion ’09 Mid-America Show, ’10 TxOlan Show & ’10 MoPaca Show, 1st Place 2010 AOBA Fleece Show
5th Cria  – Xanadu P. Cadeau [Barnabus Girl] 1st place &  Reserve Champ for  ’10 GWAS Show, 2nd Place ’10 AAA Futurity. Color Champion ’10 Mid-America Show, CC ’10 High Plains Show, and’11 MoPaca Show.
6th Cria –
 Xanadu P. Caprice [Barnabus Girl] [Foundation Herd].  5th Full Sister!  1st Place ’11 MoPaca Show & ’11 GWAS show.  Color Champion 2011 Mn Expo, '11 High Plains Show and '12 SW Alpaca Show & Reserve Champion ’12 GWAS.
7th Cria - Xanadu P Cordoba [Snowstorm Boy]
8th Cria - Xanadu P Cabriole [Barnabus girl] [Foundation Herd] AND full sibling #7
9th Cria - Xanadu P Cassio [Barnabus son]  Wow, full sibling # 8.  Has to be a record! Champion Bred and Owned ’15 ABR Fall Fest.
10th Cria - Xanadu P Cashel [TGF Royal Tribute  girl]  Belle's 7th girl. 1st Place B&O ’16 A-OK Show and Champion Bred & Owned 2017 TxOlan Show.  
11th Cria Xanadu Rocked It [FIA Excello’s Rocky Bay boy]
Breeding Status: RETIRED!!

Xanadu P Elan

Color:  white

Sire: East Wind's Snowstorm

Dam: Snowmass Sonata

Comments: 2nd Place '13 GWAS fleece show (class of 12).  We lost our remarkable dam, Sonata, so Elan is especially precious to us. She joins 9 other females from Sonata’s line in our foundation herd. 
1st Cria – Xanadu P Corsair [Accoyo America Road Warrior son] 1st Place and Color Champion 2014 TxOlan Show and 1st Place & Reserve Champion 2014 GWAS show. 
2nd Cria - Xanadu Catalyst [Barnabus boy]
3rd Cria -Xanadu P Opening Night [
PC Running Late girl]   See our Alpacas for Sale Page.

4th Cria - Xanada P Charlotte Russe  [TGF Royal Tribute girl] See Charlotte to our Alpacas for Sale Page.
Breeding Status:  Retired


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